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Check out my debut single "Shine To Me" by clicking my social links or download it direct from my store!

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From a child in the 80's to a 90's teen, my musical influences were varied and sometimes obscene. My heroes were on repeat play throughout all manner of cassette tapes, cds and digital downloads and they continued to inspire my dreams. 

Songs echoed in my mind based upon personal emotions, angst and joy then transcended from head to paper to mp3. In a short space of time, the collection was growing. 

That collection of songs is my debut album, "FourThreeTwo."

I hope you enjoy listening! 





1. Where are you from?



2. Who are your idols?

U2 and Oasis. I listened to both obsessively as a teen.


3. What do you hope your music achieves?

I'd love my music to change someone's life in a positive way. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so I'd be ecstatic if I heard someone covering one of my tracks like I used to in my bedroom when growing up. A tribute band would be cool.


4. Red sauce or brown? 

Now there's a great question! What's it on? On a sausage or bacon roll I'd usually go brown but red on anything else! 


5. Will you be releasing any of your music soon?

YES!! I don't have a record label, I'm very much a lone wolf at present! My debut single "Shine To Me" is out NOW and my debut album "FourThreeTwo" will follow shortly afterwards! Keep your eyes peeled!



Get in touch to learn more about ne=ro, his music and upcoming appearances.

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